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Tina was at an amusement park with her friend Mari. Tina was 17 years old and weighed 117 lbs and Mari was 15 years old, they both decided to go to the amusement park.

Tina: I can't believe you talked me into this.

Mari: It will be fun.

Tina and Mari went on many rides and played many games at the park. However, it was almost time to go home.

Mari: I want to see the funhouse.

Tina: I want to go home already.

Mari: I always do what you want me to do. Let me have this little fun.

Tina: Because you suck and you're stupid. You need me to carry you around.

Mari: …There's the funhouse.

When they got to the funhouse it had a sign that said "Do Not Enter"

Mari: I guess it is closed. Well I guess we better go somewhere else.

Tina: So what, just go in.

Mari: But the sign said-

Tina: Who cares let's go in.

Mari: Why do you want to go in?

Tina: Because we are not allowed.

Mari: No Tina it is wrong. I am leaving.

Tina: Fine I'll go in by myself. Here hold my stuff loser.

Tina went inside the funhouse and left Mari outside. As Tina walked inside she saw many mirrors around. In one reflection she saw herself as an overweight girl.

Tina: hahaha this is funny. Why would they say "Do not Enter?"

The girl in the reflection weighed about 400 lbs and was wearing the same clothes as Tina. The girl was expanding Tina's clothes to its limits. The part that was most noticeable was her big butt. Tina just laughed and walked further down the funhouse.
Tina: This is so fun. Hey Mari you sure you don't want to come in.

Mari waited for Tina outside and heard Tina calling her. She then decided to go in.

Mari: Tina?

Tina: Finally you're here. Take a look in the mirror.

Mari looked at the mirror and saw a 500 lbs girl in a tank top and jean shorts. The girl's stomach was sticking out and it was covering he shorts and her top was covering her chest. The girl's face was plump and had 3 chins. Her legs and arms made 2 rolls and she was still able to move properly.

Tina: Wow Mari you look fat. Hahaha.

Mari: Well your reflection isn't skinny at all.

Tina at her reflection at another mirror and the girl was bigger than before. The girl weighed 600 lbs. The girl's stomach expanded more to the sides and breaking her clothes off. Her arms and legs were also getting bigger and the girl had 4 chins rest on her huge chest.

Tina: What this is okay, *pant* but shouldn't there be a different figure or something. And why I'm I so tired?

Mari: Now that you mention it I do feel dizzy. Tina let's go further down I can see the exit.

Tina: Alright, *pant*

Mari was walking in front of Tina and both were walking slowly. However, Tina was waddling and she noticed that it was getting foggy and Mari looked a lot bigger than before.

Tina: Mari not so fast. *pant* And when did you get so big?

Mari: What are you talking about? Hey look at another mirror.

Tina: No I want to get out.

Mari: Come on Tina it was your idea to come in here. Hey look I have tattoos around me and my hair is like a Mohawk.

Tina: *pant* um Mari you really do have tattoos and a Mohawk…

Mari didn't pay any attention to Tina. Tina saw Mari had tattoos around her huge body, in her arms and legs and some around her stomach. Tina was confused and wanted to get out, but before that she saw her reflection in the last mirror and showed the girl that weighed 1,000 lbs. The girl was now in her bra and panties with her stomach sticking out and covering her knees. Her huge thighs made her butt bigger and her calf was hiding her feet. Overall, her legs formed 2 layers and her arms were the same it formed 2 layers and it was hanging to the sides. Her stomach formed 2 huge layers and her bra was covering her chest. The girl's face had 4 chins and her cheeks were huge melons. Tina felt dizzier and she walked back and was surprised to see herself. Tina's reflection became a reality.

Tina: My body. *pant* I look like the fat lady of some side show. Mari what has-Mari?

Mari: What are you talking about Tina you are the fat lady.

Tina: What?*pant* Mari you're huge.

Mari: Come on we need to go to work.

Tina: Work?

???: Hey who ever is in there come out now.

Tina and Mari came out of the fun house. In the clear light Tina saw how Mari looked. Mari was 500 lbs in a tank top and jean shorts. Her stomach was sticking out and it was covering he shorts and her top was covering her chest. Her face was plump and had 3 chins. Her legs and arms made 2 rolls and she had tattoos all over her and a green hair Mohawk.

Mari: Sorry boss. Tina here decided to take a detour and tired herself out.

Boss: Well we can't have that.  Mari take our Fat Lady and get her something to eat your show is about to go on. Oh and don't forget your snake.

Mari: Alright.

Tina: Snake? Mari what is going on?

Mari: My snake. I'm the fat snake charmer. Did you forget already? Geez you always think about food and forget the important things.

Tina waddled along side Mari, who was walking properly. Tine was so confused, but when Mari started feeding Tina, she was forgetting everything.

Mari: You feel better Tina?

Tina: Yeah…for some strange reason I thought those mirrors in the fun house changed us.

Mari: That is silly. We worked here all our lives.

Boss: Mari, Tina the show is bout to go on.

Mari: Alright, let's go.

Tina waddle to the stage and Mari got her snake and went on stage too. The two began to do tricks and the crowd cheered.

Boss: Two more who didn't listen to the sign. Oh well it is a good show…

Girl: Come on sweaty let us go into the fun house.

Boy: I don't think so. The sign says "Do Not Enter"

Girl: Let's go *Girl pulls the boy into the fun house*

Boss: People will never learn.
ALways read the sign or else you might regret it later. (WG)
MasterArchfiend Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014
I would love a sequel.
Ferther Featured By Owner May 18, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
I'd like to see a second one of these with the boy and the girl.
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